The development is located 12 miles south east of the City of Querétaro, in the municipality of El Marqués in the State of Querétaro, 1,5 miles parallel to Kansas City Southern de Mexico Railroad Track and 0.5 miles parallel to the Railroad Track “A” of FERROMEX, behind Querétaro’s International Airport.

El Marqués County, is located at geographical coordinates: North Latitude: 20° 31′ and 20° 58′, Length between:  100° 09′ and 100° 24′ West. It borders West with the municipalities of Querétaro, to the East with the municipality of Colón, to the North with Iturbide, Guanajuato and to South with Pedro Escobedo and San José.

Privileged location in the NAFTA Rail and Trucking Corridor allows the delivery of goods on time while maintaining competitive costs.

Its location allows for one day shipping to Mexico’s most important cities, seaports and border towns.

Strategically to be connected to KCSM & directly adjacent to FERROMEX providing connectivity to the backbone of Mexico’s and the US railroad track infrastructure, direct railroad service to Mexico’s most important border towns: Laredo, Tx., Brownsville, Tx  and El Paso, Tx and seaports: Altamira/Tampico, Veracruz, Ver., Manzanillo Col., and Lázaro Cárdenas, Mich.

Area of influence

Puerta Querétaro is located 12 miles South of The City of Querétaro, directly adjacent to the Querétaro International Airport and 5 miles from Mexico’s highway backbone Highway 57, therefore, provides direct access to the most influential consumer centers in Mexico where 46% of the population resides.